Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Long Lost "4-Crack Sessions"

Around 2002-2005 i lived in Florida and New Jersey... during those times i spent a lot of time alone, smoking weed, and recording LOTS of weirdly beautiful (but mostly crazy and insane) music on my 4-track.. These recordings were converted to digital files a few years later.. then after the "Great hard drive crash of 2009" seemingly lost to the ages.

Now, in a glorious twist of fate, my dear friend Matthew has uncovered the feared lost masterpieces on an old harddrive! So, here i present to you some of my most musical genius moments of insanity and thought provoking journeys into the mind of a slightly insane, creative, lonely, lost, and inspired Mykee.

(Including: recordings of beautiful classical guitar melodies with my stoned self going back and singing nonsense lyrics over top, a made up language, a talking Simpsons watch from Burger King, a story created around the play and literary classic Our Town, song about my old chihuahua, a cover of "That Thing You Do" from the movie of the same name, a couple emotional ballads, and a song about two buttholes getting stuck together.)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Favorite Records of 2013

1. Islands - Ski Mask
2. Avantasia - The Mystery of Time
3. Ghost - Infestissumam
4. Various Artists - The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute
5. Huntress - Starbound Beast
6. Clutch - Earth Rocker
7. Weedpecker - S/T
8. Protest the Hero - Volition
9. Bad Religion - True North
10. Har Mar Superstar - Bye Bye 17
11. Saves the Day - S/T
12. Uncle Adic and the Deadbeats - Mind Control
13. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

Honorable mentions:

Jellyfish - Radio Jellyfish: Live Radio Broadcasts 1993

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mykee Dreams of Metal

I was going to a Halloween show that Ghost, Huntress, and Pentagram were playing. J.T. Turret was selling merch for Pentagram, so Bobby Liebling and I were discussing the giant pile of Saxon vinyl he was selling, and some of the new shirt designs J.T. helped him make. Then i went outside to smoke a cigarette in the basement of the parking garage, and when i came back up in the elevator, the doors opened and three police had their guns drawn, waiting for us to exit. I knew they weren't for me so i didn't even stop and just walked right passed them. They wanted my friend Patrick Swayze/Steve Buscemi who kept trying to get me to take the rap for them sneaking into the show (which some how was how i ended up in the show as well, cuz i never got a ticket, but the doorman just accepted that i was supposed to be there) but they just had their identical twin go to jail for them instead. So i ran back inside (as best as you can in a dream!) right in time to catch Ghost just about to begin! Papa Emeritus came out and they started playing "Return of the Warlord" by MANOWAR!!! I was losing my shit! My favorite song, by one of my favorite bands, played live by GHOST! Jerome Thomson and I were losing our shit singing along and going crazy for it, and The Nameless Ghouls noticed and pointed and gave us thumbs up! Then Papa Emeritus grabbed a little top hat and was dancing around being silly (which was so weird!!) i snapped a few pictures on my phone. Then i was hanging out at the Huntress merch table/bar with Jill Janus and she served me a PBR and shot of whiskey. Some random rock band with a chick singer started playing and they were singing a Cardigans song which was very awesome! but they had endless technical difficulties, so i went up to see if i could help, and to look at the setlist to figure out what the name of the Cardigans song was they played. I couldn't figure either out, so i went back to the merch/bar, and realized i left my beer on the stage, which turns out the guitarist had drank! So Jill gave me TWO more, and filled a glass of whiskey all the way to the top! it was time to get DRUNK. Then i looked over to Pentagram merch table and Dan Bedford was sitting back there now rubbing cheez doodles on his forehead and feeding them to some other dude back there with them. it was pretty damn weird, even in the dream.

andddddddddd that seems to be all i remember for now.

There was a lot more, but it's too bits and piecesy to try to get it down.. just wanted to share some of that weirdness..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Classic Mykee Misdventure, Revisted.

I was drunkenly telling somebody this story last night, and i couldnt really remember most of the details.. so i went through the old blogs to locate my original telling.. and man.. it still rules.. so.. let us revisit a classic Mykee adventure from the days of yore:

April 17, 2007  (today marks the 5 year anniversary of this fateful night. fucking crazy how time flies man)

So.......... Last night i went to see my friend's band BUCKSHOT FACELIFT play at Lit.. on the way into the city, i was waiting for my N train.. and drinking a 24oz can of keystone light (classy).. and a train came from the other direction, and when it pulled away i saw a cop standing there across the tracks.. he was looking at me drinking my booze.. and he put up his hand as if to say 'stay right there'.. then he said, 'you cant drink that here, stay right there' (apparently i read his hand signal correctly) .. then my train began to approach the station, and i pointed to my headphones as if to say 'sorry i can't hear you' .. and then i said 'sorry, i cant hear you!' and gave him a thumbs up, and got on the train and left.. so THAT ruled.... then i ate a xanax and met up with nick and ashley at their apartment.. i drank a 22 of old english (more class) and danced to some bob marley.. then we went to Lit... BUCKSHOT FACELIFT was awesome.. they freaking rule.. and i love them all... and we drank alot more... and i was pretty wasted already.. then me and nick and ashley and dan went to Annex for some sorta dance party thing their friend was DJing in the basement.. and drank lots and lots of free PBR's and danced and danced and danced.. and it was a wonderful time... nick and ashley left.. me and dan fucked around and danced some more.. they played amy winehouse... i got excited... danced and made out with some hot chick.. then danced with the hottest chick in the place.. made out with her a bit... dance dance dance... drinking peoples unfinished beers off tables.. annnnnnnnnnd then we left... we walked to the corner of Allen st, embraced one another, and parted ways for our respected subway stations... i decided to take the scenic route, and stopped by Bside for some more drinks.. hung out with sara and protected her while she counted the money and closed the bar... then continued on my way home... got a delicious hot dog with some oniony stuff and CHEEEESE on it.. got a bit on my jean jacket, licked it off, and hopped on the train.. which was the Q, cuz i figured i'd change it up a bit... forgetting the Q stops at 57th street... which it did.. so instead of waiting for the N at 57th, i just got out and started walking towards the 59th street bridge.. the time is now probably around 530am.. the hustle and bustle of city life is slowly beginning.. and my drunk ass is dancing down the street listening to some Mock Orange, playing some mean air drums.. singing loudly.. loving drunken life.. so.. i finally get to the bridge.. and start walking on the upper roadway.. which apparently has no walkway for humans, or any shoulder of any sort at all.. just two lanes of speeding ass cars and walls.. so i hopped the wall and walked on the outside edge with all the construction and shit, jumping over obstacles and looking at the sunrise and the water.. quite nice.. but then the construction area ended.. and i had to hop back into the road..... so... i continued walking.. not minding one bit of it.. then i notice some flashing lights comin up behind me.. and a police paddywagon van thing pulls up next to me, i take out a headphone and they say 'you can't be walking up here! you're gonna get yourself killed!' and i said 'hey man, i'm just trying ta get home, and i like the view, sorry, i'll be careful..' and they said they would slowly follow behind me until i got to the end of the bridge, so i could be safe (i was thinking that maybe a RIDE woulda been prudent.. but, i guess thats against the rules or something).. so i put my headphone back in, lit up a smoke, and starting walking again, singing loud, playin some airdrums, dancing it up.. with my own personal police escort following behind me keeping me safe... king in the castle.. so... bout 5 minutes later i see a real cop car pull up next to me, white guy cop driving, young black chick cop riding shotgun.. and they said i couldnt be walking up here and made me get in the back of the cruiser.. i asked if i could smoke in there and they said no.. and started driving me off the bridge... i took it all in stride.. not minding a second.. enjoying the scenery, shooting the shit with the cops (through the metal gate separator).. appreciating the ride, and being in the back of a cop car (which has like ZERO leg room! can't a criminal get a little comfort? apparently not..) and as we went around the bend, and approached the end of the bridge, i see 2 cop cars had set up a sweet roadblock, doors open, flashing lights, only thing missing was cops with drawn pistols in the cracks of the open doors.. so i asked my cops "is that for ME?" .. and they said 'Yup.. we kept getting calls about a guy walking in the middle of the road on the upper roadway of the 59th street bridge.. so they wanted to catch him.. you.." .. i was HONORED! i couldnt believe it.. i felt like a real criminal or something! i started cracking up, and said 'that's AMAZING' and they laughed.. the roadblock let us through.. we turned the corner and pulled over.. the chick cop got out and let me out.. we exchanged names and pleasantries, shook hands, i thanked them for the ride, apologized for the inconvenience.. (they liked me).. i put my music back on, lit up another smoke.. and continued onward on my journey home.. still had quite a way to go from the end of the bridge to my home.. so i was walking and walking and dancing and dancing and smoking and singing and airdrumming and rocking and enjoying the sunrise and the nice steady drizzle of mist falling from the sky... around 36th ave i decided to hop up on this wet marble ledge and walk on it like a balance beam for a bit, then i decided to jump to the next one, which was at a right angle infront of me... bad idea.. as i lept, my feet slipped out on the slick wet marble, my body went in the air, then my knee slammed into the ledge, ass smashed on the concrete, and the back of my head came about an inch away from busting open on the marble ledge that i had just throw myself off of..... i laid there in the wetness for a few minutes, getting rained on.. recovering.. regaining my wits (maybe in shock).. after a bit, i got my broken, bruised, abused drunk ass body up out of the water and limped the rest of the way home, holding my knee, laughing my ass off the whole way......... the end.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

music is life. literally.

The universe is a symphony.. created by strings (see: string theory) vibrating at certain precise and different frequencies, making every atom and particle and every piece of matter in existence different from the next.. depending on the frequency.. therefore CREATING all known matter in existence in all the universe.. and that is why there are SO many endless different types of THINGS in the universe.. because the different vibrations are endless...

Vibrations create sound.. creating notes.. all these different notes harmonizing together creating the immense symphony of the universe, which is LIFE... vibration is life.. sound creates life (in a way) .. therefore.. life IS music, LITERALLY.. and music IS life, LITERALLY... so.. perhaps the reason we humans (well most of us) have such a strong connection with music, and feel it so deeply inside.. in ways we cant even describe.. is because we ARE music.. everything IS music.. music is life.. we are life.. we are music.. the feeling is almost spiritual.. i know music is the closest thing i've felt to spirituality and oneness with myself, and the universe.. the closest thing i've felt to 'Religion'.. so, i guess in a way, i would consider music my 'Religion' .. and not in a crazy sorta way.. in a 'soulful' sorta way.. its beautiful to think about really.. MUSIC IS THE CREATOR.. the whole universe is an intricate beautiful symphony.. and we are living it.. living in a giant beautiful HARMONY.. we are a living breathing symphony of matter.. life.. music.. beauty.. live it.. feel it..

marinate on that for a bit.....

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Problem With Going To Sleep Early For Once...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
(repost of a weird dream I had a little over a year ago)

The problem with deciding to get my tired ass to sleep early for once is I have dreams about ladies in senate, trying to get some sorta house zoning bill passed.. and taking inspiration from a They Might Be Giants song, she realizes she can filibuster 'vigilantly'.. reciting the words to songs from the Little Mermaid soundtrack, explaining each verses deeper meanings as they go.. and everybody in senate was so annoyed.. then it was off to the wilderness with some 'EXXXTREME' friends.. and i almost dropped an expensive ass video camera while base jumping off a huge mountain into the parking lot of the shopping center i had my first 2 jobs at when i was younger.. only to be met there by Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, who picked me up in a Honda Element. And i was having such a crazy day and i wanted someone to talk to, so i was whining to him about stuff, and telling him i wished he still had a mouth so we could talk... and he showed me that he actually, contrary to the portrayal of Deadpool in the Wolverine Origins movie (not the actual Deadpool from the comics), he DID still have a mouth and we could talk.. and i decided a cigarette would be really good, but he made me wait a few minutes cuz he had the AC going in the car.. and we drove past the old pool club in the neighborhood i grew up in, and there was a lady sitting on her front lawn, watching her kids play with toys.. she was all sexy and skinny and over tanned and rich and desperate housewives-ish, complaining to her kids that her foot really hurt, and Deadpool now turned into my friend Chris Catapano (who if you know him, makes it even weirder) and he wouldnt drive off cuz he was getting turned on by the crazy housewife lady's rants.. and i was even thinking that she was lookin to get banged by some strapping young poolguy-esque dude, and i was thinkin bout goin to talk to her bout it.. but then i was at my parents house trying to fix an old Nintendo i had plugged into the washing machine.. and i ended up hacking a game of Castlevania so i had Mario AND a side scrolling jet fighter with lasers to shoot at the same time as Mario's fireballs, and i was fucking shit up.. crazy ghosts and monsters.. and i told my dad the Nintendo works just fine.. then i opened the freezer for some icecream, but there wasnt anything good in there, and i turned to check out this shelf full of lotsa random toys and old stuff.. and i saw all my old electric toothbrush sets i used to have when i was little, a Mickey Mouse one... and some others, that i didnt really have in real life.. and i was wishing i still had the one He-Man one i used to have.. and my dad said that it was at my grandma's house, and i could go get it! but i had to probably do some chores for her.. 
Then i got a call from my friend Beth, who told me she found a way to take regular disposable lighters, and make them super strength and indestructible, and she was gonna start selling them and make lots of money, and she gave me a whole bunch of them, and i went to the gas station and picked up a whole tray of lighters for her to use to start up her new business venture.. but then i was playing some old school computer games with a friend, and we got stoned, and then my friend Dennis, (whom i worked with in the kitchen at Shaffer City a long time ago, who is now as of very recently BACK in the kitchen there) knocked on the door and asked if we wanted anything on the side of---- and i responded YES before he even finished asking, cuz for some reason i knew that he was making us some big ass microwave pizzas, and he put pasta and BBQ sauce on them, and cut them up in really fucking weird shapes.. 
(This is a picture i saw the other day that musta inspired my brain to have Dennis cut those pizzas up so weird.. i wish i could go back to sleep and eat them!)

Then we turned on the TV and the senate lady was still filibustering vigilantly, with Little Mermaid songs, talking about how Ariel is telling little girls how to feel pretty in the morning by counting the number of cocktail shrimp they put on their eyes when they wake up... =\ 1-2-3... .......... and then i guess i woke up.... and now its 4am... and.... dammit! no more going to sleep early!