Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Long Lost "4-Crack Sessions"

Around 2002-2005 i lived in Florida and New Jersey... during those times i spent a lot of time alone, smoking weed, and recording LOTS of weirdly beautiful (but mostly crazy and insane) music on my 4-track.. These recordings were converted to digital files a few years later.. then after the "Great hard drive crash of 2009" seemingly lost to the ages.

Now, in a glorious twist of fate, my dear friend Matthew has uncovered the feared lost masterpieces on an old harddrive! So, here i present to you some of my most musical genius moments of insanity and thought provoking journeys into the mind of a slightly insane, creative, lonely, lost, and inspired Mykee.

(Including: recordings of beautiful classical guitar melodies with my stoned self going back and singing nonsense lyrics over top, a made up language, a talking Simpsons watch from Burger King, a story created around the play and literary classic Our Town, song about my old chihuahua, a cover of "That Thing You Do" from the movie of the same name, a couple emotional ballads, and a song about two buttholes getting stuck together.)

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